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Growing our team around the world.


One of our best development programs is the ALDI International Expatriate Program. The Expatriate Program gives some of our top District Managers the chance to work for two years in England, Ireland, Wales, Austria, Germany or Australia. You’ll immerse yourself in a new culture, make new friends, travel and explore and gain a new personal perspective as well as a new understanding of the business.

It’s a challenging experience, one that will place you in a different culture while also testing your skills, flexibility and determination. After being selected for the program, you’ll start with an in-country, 10-week training and orientation program. There, you’ll work with local District Managers and Store Managers to acclimate yourself to your new district and new stores. You’ll also have a Peer Advisor who will help you find an apartment and show you around your new neighborhood.

Once you’ve completed orientation, you’ll dive in to your work as a District Manager, running your district like you would back in the States. One thing you’ll see right away is how similar the ALDI work environment is no matter where you work. We’re all focused on delivering value to our customers, working efficiently and sharing in the success.

This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your skills, meet new people and build your own network. You’ll return ready to take the next step in your career with ALDI.

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