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More Is... National Sustainability at ALDI.

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Being responsible while staying affordable.

As one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, ALDI is committed to advancing science-based sustainability goals to lower our impact on the environment. It’s one step in our mission of being a smarter grocer.

We will accomplish this mission while also maintaining the affordability of our products. We help build strong communities, responsibly source products and cultivate an environment where our customers can feel good about purchasing their everyday items with ALDI.

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Our 2030 Vision.

Looking toward the future, we’re setting ambitious, science-based goals to help support the planet. These purposeful goals aim to balance affordability while making progress toward sustainability. These are important steps in building stronger communities and lowering our impact on the environment.

Progress in packaging: Reduced our use of plastic and increased the recyclability of our packaging so more than 62% of ALDI-exclusive packaging is now reusable, recyclable or compostable. Eliminating all plastic shopping bags from stores by the end of 2023.

Cut our carbon: Continued to purchase green electricity to cover 100% of our energy consumption. Transitioned to environmentally friendly refrigerants in nearly 500 stores.

Think beyond the bin: Donated over 32 million pounds of food through our partnership with Feeding America and 72 thousand pounds of household products through our partnership with Good360.

Sourcing responsibly: Currently, 53% of everyday ALDI coffee products come from sustainable sources.

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“ In 2021, we set ambitious, science-based sustainability goals to help us accelerate the positive impact we’re already making on our planet’s resources and the people who depend on them. We take a lot of pride in the progress we’ve made toward these goals, while also maintaining the affordability of our products so you can be more sustainable too.”

- Jason Hart, ALDI CEO

Rethinking packaging to protect the future.

Progress in packaging.

75% of ALDI-exclusive packaging is now reusable, recyclable or compostable
Updated the ALDI International Recyclability Guidelines to provide guidance to ALDI partners on recyclability across all ALDI South markets
Over 31,000 tons of packaging has been shifted to recyclable alternatives
33% less plastic used in ALD-exclusive vinegar bottle
Nearly 50 tons of plastic removed from pasta boxes by eliminating the clear plastic window

Cut our carbon.

The environmental Protection Agency (EPA) GreenChill program has recognized ALDI as a grocery industry leader for reducing harmful refrigerant emissions. In fact, ALDI has secured the most EPA GreenChill store certifications at the platinum level than all participate U.S. grocery retailers combined, for three years running!

Ramping up efforts to reduce loss and waste.

Think beyond the bin.

Diverted 76% of operational waste companywide
Donated 32M+ pounds of food to our donation partners
Recycled, reused or donated over 385,000 tons of material that would have otherwise gone to landfill. This weight is equivalent to more than 28,000 truckloads of ALDI product
Avoided generating nearly 235 tons of paper by installing electronic shelf labels and optimizing our weekly print program to encourage customers to view ads online
Composted 1,645 tons of food between the ALDI Test Kitchen and select stores
We’re enhancing pricing and markdown tools that will help reduce food loss and waste and even prevent excess buying from the onset

Sourcing responsibility.

Offer products that are good for people and the planet.

100% of ALDI fresh and frozen beef comes from sources that are free from deforestation
77% of everyday ALDI coffee products come from sustainable sources – a 24% increase from 2021
100% of the palm oil used in private label products is certified sustainable by the RSPO
100% of everyday items made of wood or pulp are certified as sustainably sourced from well-managed forests
Established new responsible sourcing requirements for our aquaculture products to be Best Aquaculture Practices 4-star*, Aquaculture, Stewardship Council or GLOBALG.A.P. certified or sourced from an Aquaculture Improvement Project

Giving back to help build stronger, healthier communities.

ALDI is deeply engaged in its communities on issues that matter.


Feeding America.

We have a longstanding partnership with Feeding America and are proud to be one of the organization's Leadership Partners. 

Each ALDI Store partners with a local Feeding America member food bank, which allows us to positively impact our local communities through food donations, while also supporting our goals to limit the environmental impact of food waste.



Alex's Lemonade Stand.

ALDI is proud to partner with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization focused on funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer.

Since 2019 we've raised more than $6 million to help find a cure, in addition to donating another $1 million, we're proud to announce that by 2027, we will bring our total raised for ALSF to $10 million.



ALDI Community Gift Cards.

Integrated a DE&I focus with the ALDI community gift cards divisional donation budget to encourage partnerships with diverse and inclusive organizations.


Employee Volunteerism.

Employee Volunteerism.

Volunteering is an important aspect of our commitment to helping to build strong communities, which is why our employees across the nation organize local volunteer events throughout the year.

These volunteer efforts can range from packing backpacks with nutritious food at a local food bank to packing disaster relief boxes for Feeding America. We're always looking for ways to support employees who wish to donate to causes and organizations they care deeply about.

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