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Want a career that will set you up to accomplish more? Start with ALDI. Join one of our Internship programs and begin your career with a company that’s continuing to grow.


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District Manager Internship Program

This in-depth, intensive 10-week program will prepare you for a career as an ALDI District Manager. While working alongside a current District Manager, you’ll be immersed in our successful, dynamic work environment and see the level of commitment, hard work and dedication it takes to succeed here. While earning $28/hour, which, if you work 40 hour workweeks, means you will make $11,200 throughout the 10-week program, you’ll take on real assignments and work on real projects while showing us that you’ll thrive at ALDI as a District Manager. You are also eligible for overtime if needed.

  • $28/hour Target compensation is based on 40 hour work weeks and does not include potential overtime as needed
  • Work with ALDI executive leaders
  • Make real-world decisions
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10 Intense Weeks

Here’s the structure for our 10-week District Manager Internship Program.

Weeks one and two

We start with a two-week overview to give you insight into the day-to-day responsibilities of a District Manager

Weeks three, four and five

You’ll work in an actual store alongside Store Managers and store staff, participating in every aspect of store operations

Weeks six and seven

You’ll dive deep into staffing, policy supervision and employee development

Weeks eight and nine

You’ll shadow your District Manager peer advisor for two weeks

Week ten

You’ll work with and learn directly from your division’s Directors and Vice President and present your summer project

Real responsibility
day one.

IT Internship Program

While gaining real-world experience during this 12-week paid internship, you can apply your technical aptitude to support ALDI IT — from projects and software development, to infrastructure and more. You will be working in a collaborative IT environment alongside IT professionals, contributing to real projects that have nationwide impacts. You’ll have the opportunity to respond to changing priorities, show initiative and achieve results through team collaboration while showing us that you’ll thrive in an IT career at our rapidly growing company.

12 weeks immersed in technology.

Here’s the structure of our IT internship program:

  1. Weeks 1-2

    You’ll start by learning about the department, meeting your team and exploring the different environments of technology
  2. Weeks 3-10

    You’ll be a true member of the department while working on real life projects for which you’ll be fully responsible
  3. Weeks 11-12

    You’ll create a final project and give a presentation to ALDI IT leadership about your internship

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The Student Ambassador Program

If your internship is successful and you accept a full-time position or second-year internship with ALDI, you can become a Student Ambassador for ALDI when you return to school for your junior or senior year. This gives you the opportunity to represent ALDI on your campus. Throughout the school year, you’ll work directly with classmates and ALDI District Managers at ALDI-sponsored events and career fairs. You’ll also earn a per-semester stipend for your hard work.