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Since opening our first store in Germany in 1913, ALDI has won over more and more customers with our value, selection and service. Internationally, we operate more than 6,600 stores across 11 countries. Our first U.S. location opened in Iowa in 1976 and now ALDI is one of America’s fastest growing grocery retailers. We operate more than 2,200 stores in the U.S. serving millions of customers across the country each month.

A Simple Story ALDI USA

Our History

  1. 1913
    We begin

    Anna Albrecht opened a small food store in Essen, Germany. In 1948, her sons took over the store and expanded to 4 locations.

  2. 1954
    First self-serve

    We opened our first self-service store in Essen-Schonnebeck. This was the first of its kind in Germany.

  3. 1962
    A name is born

    Albrecht + Discount = ALDI

    We shortened “Albrecht Discount” to ALDI, and by 1968, we had more than 200 ALDI locations.

  4. 1976
    Welcome to Iowa

    Our first U.S. location opened in southeastern Iowa.

  5. 1990s
    Growing footprint

    We expanded to Great Britain and Ireland, opened 300 new U.S. stores and launched new divisions across the Midwest.

  6. Early 2000s
    More growth

    We expanded to Australia, Slovenia and Hungary, opened 220 new U.S. stores and launched new divisions in Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

  7. Late 2000s
    Expansion in the U.S.

    We opened more than 340 new U.S. stores as well as new divisions that expanded our footprint across the United States, from Connecticut and Florida, to Texas and California.

  8. Today
    Growing & growing

    We’re one of America’s fastest growing grocery retailers, serving millions of customers across the country each month.

Our plans are as ambitious as you.

Our explosive growth is bringing the ALDI brand to new regions and communities. Across our organization and around the country, we’re creating opportunities for people of all skill levels. If you have a retail background, IT skills, marketing know-how, or just want to join a company with big plans for the future, start growing with ALDI.

Facts about our growth:

  • We currently operate 26 divisions across the United States.
  • We're expanding into new geographies
    throughout the country.
  • 25,000 Our expansion is creating
    25,000 new jobs at our stores,
    warehouses and
    division offices.

ALDI Division Map

To help us work better across the country, we break it down into 26 divisions. That’s how ALDI can effectively and efficiently manage all of our stores from coast to coast. With so many locations, that means you can find an ALDI opportunity near you.

Structured for success.

ALDI is more than a grocery store. Much, much more. We’re an international organization with teams from all backgrounds spread across the world. We’re Logistics Professionals, IT gurus, Quality Assurance Specialists, Buyers, District Managers, Store Associates and Master Chefs, just to name a few. From our National Services offices in Batavia, IL, and Naperville, IL, and our National Information Technology Services campus in Aurora, IL, to all of our stores around the world, we share a love of helping our customers and an ambition to make ALDI more successful. Here’s how we break things down:

The Aldi difference is everything.

How do we provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices? By focusing on responsibility, consistency and simplicity in everything we do. We also offer our own exclusive brands and private label products that maintain our quality standards at a more affordable cost.

Our stores offer customers the most commonly purchased grocery and household products in the most sought after sizes. Also, our stores are built to be smaller and more manageable and they’re designed with sustainable, long-term savings in mind.

Other unique features of ALDI stores:

  • Reusable savings

    Our customers bring their own or buy our reusable bags

  • 25 cent deposit

    Cart deposit system encourages customers to return carts and eliminates the need for our employees to spend time retrieving carts

  • Double duty

    All packaging doubles as product displays, which saves time and money

  • Twice as nice

    If customers aren’t 100% satisfied, we replace the product and refund their money

  • Just Right

    Our stores are modestly sized and don’t offer non-essential services

  • Our own network

    In-house distribution network streamlines operations

  • Open with purpose

    Not operating 24/7 lowers labor, energy and rent costs

Product Showcase

When you step into an ALDI, one of the first things you’ll notice are the unique ALDI-exclusive brands. That’s because we focus on our own private label brands that deliver top quality at an affordable price. In fact, 90% of all the products we carry are private label. Our ALDI-exclusive products are tested in our Test Kitchen to ensure they meet or exceed the national brand quality standards. And we can pass these savings onto our customers. This is just one way that we continue to deliver the highest quality products at the best prices.

Want to know just how good our products are?

Take a look at our product awards HERE.

Product Grouping
Over 160+ Aldi product awards in 2021. 132 Award-winning wines. 1 in 3 ALDI-exclusive products are award-winning - As of January 2022, based on an audit of every day nationally distributed ALDI-exclusive branded products.