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More Is... Warehouse Operations Internship Program

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Embark on a better future.

Our Warehouse Operations Internship will help prepare you for a successful ALDI career. In this paid internship, you’ll pair up with and shadow a warehouse operations supervisor who will help you understand what it takes to successfully oversee a high-performing team. That means fulfilling a variety of duties across the warehouse, understanding how to collaborate with team members across all levels and tackling each opportunity with a positive attitude. Exceptional interns may receive job offers for a full-time Warehouse Operations Supervisor position.

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The step-by-step.

You’ve heard the pitch, now you want to know how we back it up. Don’t worry, the whole breakdown is right here.

    1. Intro to ALDI

    Get equipped with the knowledge, resources and connections needed to ace your internship. You’ll also be assigned a project that will be completed and presented by the end of the program.

    2. In-Store Training

    Spend a day keying into the sights, sounds and responsibilities of one of our ALDI stores.

    2. Responsibilities

    Tackle assigned duties throughout the warehouse while shadowing team members.

    4. Leadership

    Build your professional skills as you learn how to handle a variety of warehouse challenges.

    5. Warehouse Training

    Focus on how the Warehouse Operations Supervisor approaches people and new situations.

    6. Review Time

    Review all that you’ve learned and test your knowledge on key benchmarks.

    7. Program Conclusion

    Shadow executive leadership and learn how they interact with warehouse operations supervisors. You will also present your assigned project to leadership!


    Who should apply?

    These internships are open to all currently enrolled four-year college and university students working toward a bachelor’s degree. And we get it — you might not have any official job experience yet. That’s why when selecting interns, we look for qualities like these from a candidate:

    • Can build positive relationships and trust with team members. Understands the importance of collaborating in a team environment, working together to achieve a common goal.
    • Takes initiative and has a strong work ethic!
    • Demonstrates ability to self-manage, balancing immediate duties while meeting long-term goals.
    • An eye for detail.

    Your next stop.

    As part of the internship, you’ll be working in one of our many divisional warehouses across the country. Check out the link below to see which location is near you!

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